Mothers and Zofran Usage

Our attorneys are currently reviewing cases for potential litigation for victims of the anti-nausea medication Zofran. This drug was prescribed off-label to many expectant mothers who were suffering from morning season. A number of mothers have alleged that using the drug during the third-trimester of their pregnancies may have resulted in serious harm to their children, who were later born with heart and lung issues.

While no class action or MDL currently exists for Zofran, numerous law firms have begun investigating a possible connection between these health issues and Zofran usage. If you took Zofran during your pregnancy, and believe that your baby suffered health problems related to proper heart and lung development, we’d like to hear from you. While we cannot guarantee that we will be taking Zofran cases until further research is done, and no class action suit has yet been filed in federal or state court, we want to hear from potential victims as part of our research into the disturbing health trends that seem to affect users of Zofran. Please fill out the confidential form to the left to have your story heard and reviewed by our legal professionals.

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